Benefits Achieved by Manufacturers Eliminating Paper | MasterControl

#1. Improved Production Accuracy

Digital systems give manufacturers the power to get production right the first time by eliminating preventable errors, minimizing review cycles and reducing the resources and effort wasted during manual data entry processes.

#2. Improved Production Efficiency

Paper-based processes and production records are not only prone to error, they also make inefficient use of resources, increase the likelihood of deviations, and have a greater tendency to delay product releases.

#3. Improved Quality

Reducing the number and severity of quality events is critical to optimizing manufacturing processes. Yet many manufacturers continue to rely on paper-based systems that often exacerbate the impact and complexity of quality events.

Digital Baby Steps

It’s not difficult for manufacturers see the many upsides of digitization, but most are hesitant to initiate a full war on paper and embrace their own digital evolution without firsthand experience of the benefits. Many are overwhelmed by the prospect because of the scale of their operations and the ripple effects that switching from a legacy system to a fully digital solution might have throughout their organizations. Lending credence to these fears is the fact that, despite steady investments in innovative technologies, 70% of complex, large-scale transformation initiatives don’t reach their stated goals.



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