Manufacturers See Sizable Gains in Making the Leap From Paper to Digital Data

Why Not Paper?

In a New York Times article, Dr. Amy Abernethy, then with Flatiron Health, a subsidiary of Roche, and currently principal deputy commissioner of food and drugs for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), said, “About 50%, if not more, of the critical details we need for research are trapped in unstructured documents … They are in PDFs. Maybe a doctor put in a note by hand, maybe a doctor typed it. That note became a narrative. It is not something that can easily be put into a spreadsheet.” (1)

Digital Drives Data Efficiencies

Moving to a fully digital, cloud-based solution for your data, documentation, signatures and communications breaks down silos, drives efficiencies and improves levels of quality and control. More specifically, manufacturing production records, whether in the form of batch records, device history records, travelers, etc., when automated through an electronic solution, put accurate, complete production data at the fingertips of shop floor managers and personnel in real time. This means a manufacturer can check data flows during production to avoid many of the costly, time-consuming inefficiencies created when bad data results in deviations, delays and downtime on the shop floor.


You can start your digitization efforts with an approach called “small automation,” which focuses on fast implementation of flexible and adaptable technologies to fill the gaps left by current enterprise systems. Many of these small automation solutions can be integrated with your existing manufacturing systems and provide shop floors with the connectivity and access to real-time data that can be a game-changer in terms of production error reduction and time-saving efficiencies.

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