Productive Connections: Integrating Quality and Production

Data Challenges of a Disconnected Production Record System

For companies using disconnected production record processes, the inability to interface with multiple systems poses serious problems. Even electronic systems, if disconnected, offer insufficient tracking of information and documents from different areas throughout the production life cycle. This practically ensures the occurrence of bottlenecks, a critical problem if defective batches must be identified.

Digitally Connecting Production Records With Other Systems

Considering the number of people who must collaborate and share shop floor information, the value of replacing paper-based production record processes with digitized processes extends to several operational areas and data sources. A digital solution can bridge quality and manufacturing by integrating common enterprise applications in a manufacturing IT ecosystem, including:

  • Material requirements planning (MRP).
  • Manufacturing execution systems (MES).
  • Laboratory information management system (LIMS).
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).
  • Customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Learning management system (LMS).

Benefits of Digitally Connecting Production With Quality

A fully digital, integrated solution that consolidates data from the systems listed above can bridge the gap between manufacturing and quality in some key ways:

  • Improving right-first-time (RFT) metrics. Manufacturers can leverage error-proofing features that reduce mismarks or missing information on records to help ensure lots are right the first time. They can digitally authenticate users/signatures and automate the review and traceability of changes and edits.
  • Increasing shop floor productivity. Manufacturers can connect all users across the shop floor, with operators able to input data directly into tablets and pull information from their ERP, MRP, MES or other enterprise applications. Personnel can focus on product rather than paperwork.



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